Tim and Kristi pictureHi!  My name is Kristi Prince.  I’ve been married to my Prince Charming, Tim, for 31 years.  We have 7 children, one extremely beautiful and intelligent grand daughter, 4 dogs and a cat.  We live on an acreage in Shawnee, OK that we call Pecan Creek.

Our world was completely shattered in April of 2013 when we suddenly lost our oldest son, Taylor, at the age of 27.  Our lives were forever changed.  After the death of his wife,  C.S. Lewis wrote that grief would always be with him.  He compared it to having your leg amputated.  The wound may heal but the leg will never grow back.  You will always have the absence in your life, and you’ll always walk with a limp.

Our family is learning to walk again, but it is a slow process and we are only able to take these steps by holding onto the loving hand of our Heavenly Father.  It is my prayer that by sharing our journey with you, it may somehow help you along the grueling path you find yourself trying to navigate.

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  1. It is a grief that is hard to explain to anyone who has not experienced it. Thank you for you candid explanation of how suicide has effected you. It is very difficult to talk about. My brother shot himself in 1978. I was almost eleven. There were no counselors for our family. I asked my pastor to talk about it with me and he did. I had confusion, shame and grief. I was mistreated at school and bullied because of it. I had to be strong and not give up. It is still hard to talk about. So many feelings could fill up a book.

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